Ben Regali is a German freelance designer living in Munich, Germany creating smart, meaningful & user-centric experiences.

I was always interested in interaction, digital experiences and storytelling: games, movies, books – you name it. I got my first Computer when I was seven years old and I had an immense curiosity about how it worked and how I could influence this magical device.

After high school, I chose to study »Media production« in Darmstadt, Germany. It was a very experimental program ranging from design and computer science to film-making, video editing and animation. While I enjoyed it all, I was focusing mostly on the design and animation part. The diversified mix helped me to develop a broader view of thinking while still being able to focus on my favorite topic: design.

After graduating from college in 2007, I moved to Munich and started my first job as a screen designer at one of Germany’s biggest telecommunication companies, where I mostly designed websites. Very early on, I learned to design for responsive devices, about mobile-first approaches, and collaborating closely with developers, and took first steps into the agile world of working. Along the way, I was very passionate in designing for mobile especially iOS apps – ever since I owned my first iPhone. I enjoyed creating icons and playing around with different themes for my phone and Mac. After a while, I moved on to becoming a senior screen designer, after five years, I decided that I needed a new challenge and quit my job. While I was observing the market looking for a new job, interviewing with dozens of agencies and design companies, the idea of becoming a freelance designer popped into my head. I quickly followed through and started working independently in 2012.

While starting out as a UI designer, I also dug deeper into user-experience design. I noticed that there was a lot overlap with how I approached design and problem solving already, so I educated myself on human-centered design, methodology and usability by reading books, visiting workshops & conferences and applying my knowledge in real-life projects: whether it be user research, working on information architecture or interviewing people to consequently understand their needs, frustrations and obstacles when dealing with technology.

I worked with well-known companies from Munich like Allianz, BMW and Siemens as well as international big players like frog design, Pivotal Labs and Mozilla.

Now, with more than 12 years of experiences working with all kind of different clients, team setups, objectives – on location and remote, I’m still improving and still being curious how I can create digital products in a way that is compelling, frictionless and enjoyable for us humans.

I’m a big believer in human-centered design while also exciting users through visual excellence and delightful animations. I’m a huge fan of minimalism, well-crafted typography, pixel art and gorgeous iconography.

Outside of work, I like to take photos, go on bike tours, or hike in the mountains nearby.

I’ve also got a résumé.