Hi, I’m Ben.

I'm a UX/UI design professional designing smart, user-centric & successful experiences.


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Icon user concept

From idea to an user-approved concept

Great ideas need to be validated – by users. Does it solve any real problems? Make sure the need is there, before taking your next steps. Doing user research early on is key – matching your business ideas and user needs.

Icon prototyping

Prototyping equals learning fast

You know what kind of products you want to build – but the big question is how? Prototyping different kind of scenarios and testing them with real users to make sure your product is easy-to-use. Prototyping is fast, effective and saves money.

Icon HCD

Designing experiences for humans

Doesn't matter if it’s web, iOS, Android or any other platform. Designing spectacular experiences where users feel at home and navigate your products with ease and joy, is my specialty.

Icon Dev-Handoff

Seamless Hand-off to Developement

Design only works if it translates properly into code. Years of experience in working together with developers for iOS, Android & web will guarantee efficient and high quality design implementations.